Thursday, February 21, 2013

Second year 1st semi Notes : The Fisherman Mourned by his Wife.

Patrick Fernando’s The Fisherman Mourned by his Wife is an elegy;
a work which laments for the dead person in the melancholic tone. Patrick Fernando makes the fisherman’s wife as the narrator of the poem and explains the emotional bond between the husband and wife in the first part of the poem and the emotional breakdown of the lady in the second part, and ends the poem with the emotional maturity of the fisherman's wife. Parallel to it the writer brings in the changes of nature as a symbolic reference to the poem where it highlights the tragedy of the fisherman.

  •  It is an elegy.
  • Poetic description of the fisher folk in the Southern part of Sri Lanka.
  • The poet uses narrative style, with the use of flash back technique.
  • The poet highlights the ideas of the life of the fisherman, his marriage through the eyes of the    fisherman’s wife, her emotional indifference to her husband at the time of marriage, and her natural fears of an unenlightened woman as bride, and then as a conceived lady and finally as a widow.
  • The emotional bond and the emotional breakdown of the wife.

·         Themes :
·         The life style of the fisher folk.
·         The transcendental love.
·         The emotional maturity of the lady. 

·         Techniques:
·         Rhyming words
·         The use of symbolism, visual imagery
·         Use of flash back. 
.  Narrative technique [ The poet narrates the poem in the view point of the fisherman's wife.]