Saturday, April 25, 2015

EN 2204 Sri Lankan Literature


Kamala Wijerathne - Soldier’s Wife Weep / Monument / Musical

DayaDisanayake - Kite / Interview

Richard de Soyza - Lepidoptera/Gajagawannema.

Patrick Fernando - Fisherman mourned by his wife

Anne Ranasinghe - Sati

LakdasaWickramasinghe -Folk Poet Ysinno

YasmineGunarathne - This Language This Woman

Jean Arsanayagam - Mother-in-law

Short Story

Golden Oriole by SuwimaleeKarunaratne

Misunderstanding by J.S Tissanayagam


Rasanayagam’s Last Riot by Ernest Macintyre

Intruder by ThayagarajaArasanayagam

EN 2105 - Common Wealth Literature - 2108

WoleSoynka - ‘Telephone conversation’

A.K. Ramanujan - ‘River’, ‘Obituary’

N. Ezekial - ‘Back Ground Casually’

Kamala Das - ‘My Grand Mother’s House’

Dereckwalkot - ‘Far Cry from Africa’

Thargore - Unworthy Gift

J. P Clerk - Night Rain

Short story

‘Post Master’ by Tagore

Divorcee by Ken SaroWiwa

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

‘Waiting Earth’ by P. Wijenayeka

Friday, January 2, 2015



This short story is the first of the two short stories by Maureen Seneviratne. Both her stories deal with the racial conflict, or the ethnic war in our country. But what will strike you as different is the way she tells her stories or her narrative technique.